Floral Daily Activity Planner For Depression Recovery | Mental Health Planner With FREE Mood Tracker


Planning you day can help in depression recovery. Depression may lead to  a lack of motivation and disinterest in doing daily activities and chores. Use this planner to structure your day  by mapping out daily activities and get on a schedule. This planners is also a journal to help you track your mood. By using this planner on day to day basis you will be able to compare the activities you had planned for the day and what you ended up doing. You will also be able to record the triggers that altered your mood and resulted in deviation from your planned schedule. Mental problems need immediate attention. While professional advice plays the pivotal role, self help goes hand in hand. These self help planner template and mood tracker can help you in such times.

Directions To use This Floral Daily Activity Planner For Depression Recovery

  • Fill in the Planned Activity column a night before
  • Fill rest of the columns at the end of the day
  • Analyze : Check if you did everything as per the plan or not
  • Now try to figure the reason why you failed in some activities
  • Note down what was you mood at that time. Rate between 1-5.

After a few days of doing this daily exercise you may see some patterns in your mood fluctuations. for instance you may notice that a certain event triggers depression and anxiety in you, or may be at any particular time of the day you mostly feel low and depressed.

You also get a Flower Mood Tracker with this planner.  It is an effective tool in keeping record of your mood swings on daily basis. It is important to track your mood as it can help you asses the deviation you notice in your planner.

Thus a Depression recovery planner and mood tracker go hand in hand in streamlining your daily routine.

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