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Whether you are teaching a preschooler at home or in a classroom, you will teach them shapes at some points. That’s why it’s always better to have some intersecting teaching aids to make learning fun for the kids. Flashcards, posters and puzzles all are excellent tools to teach kids without using any kind of screen.

Teach the little learners the basic shapes gradually. Introduce them to 2-3 shapes each day and involve them in related activities about the shapes they just learned. As with preschoolers and kindergartners activity based teaching approach works the best. it’s not advised to rush. Play shape games like identify a shape, match the shape etc. to review and enforce what you are teaching and what kids are learning! To make it more effective, I have included a FREE printable shapes poster!

In the next level you can use our Shape Tracing Workbook for teaching kids draw and color shapes.

Printable Shapes Flascards Pdf

This pdf flashcards set includes 12 basic shapes, 4 shapes in each page

The set includes individual flashcards for these basic shapes:

Square, Circle, Triangle, Rectangle, Heart, Diamond, Semicircle, Pentagon, Hexagon, Octagon, Star and Oval

Print Instructions: These flashcards are in a pdf file with 3 pages. You can print the shapes flashcards in A4 or US letter sized pages.

You also get a free printable Shapes poster with this flashcards set.

colorful shapes poster pdf
This Colorful Shapes Poster Is Free
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