Printable Black and White Reading Log For Kids Simple and Easy

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If a child has a habit of reading he or she is on the way of attaining knowledge and command over the language he or she reads. Parents must try to inculcate the habit of reading right from the early stages of life. Buying picture books is the first step you take towards making your child an avid reader. Printable reading logs are helpful in tracking how much and what a child reads. Keeping this is mind we have designed this black and white reading log for kids it is very simple and easy to fill.

How to use this printable reading logĀ 

This is a monthly reading log that tracks the hours you read in the given month. The child has to color 1 ice cream for every 30 minutes of reading.

You only require a basic black and white printer and A4 / US Letter size paper to print this free printable black and white monthly reading log.


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