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Parts of a Cat Worksheet | Label the Picture Activity Sheet Pdf

parts of a cat worksheet pdf
Label the Parts Of A cat’s Body

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This free worksheet is a labelling activity that features body  parts of a cat . The child has to label different body parts of a cat that are shown in the picture. There is a specific space for writing the name of the person doing the activity and for writing the date on which the label the picture activity was done.

The worksheet features a help box wherein all the names of body parts of a cat are given. The child will have to pick the names and write them in the correct boxes. We have included 8 body parts of a cat in this worksheet namely: Paw, Tail, Ear, Eyes, Whiskers, Nose, Mouth and Legs

You can download this free printable label the body parts of a cat activity sheet for  kids/students using the download button. It is free for person and classroom use however we do not authorize commercial use of this worksheet in any form. Once downloaded you can print this activity sheet on A4 or US Letter document size paper

The worksheet is available in Pdf file format. If you found this activity sheet interesting you can also try our other parts of a cat worksheet. We also have a free printable all about me worksheet for kids.


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