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Homophones Worksheet For Grade 2 | Printable Vocabulary Worksheets

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This Homophones worksheet is ideal for kids from grade 2 and 3. This is a free printable homophones worksheet to use in your classroom. If you have been teaching homophones to your students, you can use this worksheet to assess them on the topic.

The worksheet contains 15 sentences in fill in the blanks format. Students have to choose the correct homophone from the bracket and write it. Homophones are two words that have same sound but have different meanings and spellings.

Details about the worksheet

Subject: English grammar / vocabulary

Grade: 2 and 3

Topic: Homophones

File type: Pdf

Resource Type: Free Printable Worksheet

Tags: Homophones worksheets, grade 2 worksheets, free printable worksheet, vocabulary worksheet,

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