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Hindi 2 Letter Words Worksheet | Bina Matra Wale do Akshar Ke Shabd | Amatrik Shabd

Grade 1 Hindi Amatrik Shabd Worksheet: Label the picture with a  2 letter word i.e formed without matra

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Hindi amatrik shabd worksheet pdf. Hindi Two letter words worksheet,  Label the picture Hindi Worsksheet.

Hindi Worksheet for Kids; 2 letter words without matra . Printable worksheets for learning Hindi Amatrik shabd, Hindi Grade 1 worksheet with pictures
This worksheet will help the child learn Hindi 2 letter words without matra. Hindi Words formed without the use of Matras are called Amatrik Shabd.
Amatrik shabd can be a 2, 3,4 or even a 5 letter word. This free Hindi worksheet focuses on 2 letter words.

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