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emotions flashcards for toddlers
Emotions and feelings flashcards free pdf

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Here is and amazing visual tool for your toddler/preschooler for learning emotions and feelings. These printable emotions flashcards are attractive for kids.You can use this set to engage students in a fun activity and teach them about felling, emotions and also adjectives.

This printable flashcard set can be downloaded for free using the download button. You will get the flashcards in pdf file. The file contains 2 pages. Each page contains 6 flashcards that can be printed and used immediately.

Printable Emotions and Feelings Flashcard Pdf

The set contains  following feelings and emotions:

Happy, sad, angry, confused, tired,  cry, sick, excited, proud, shocked, sorry

All the above emotions and feelings are basic emotions that we experience in our day to day life. Children will become familiar with these emotions with these flashcards.

Classroom Activity for teaching Feelings and Emotions

Activity Name:  Identify the Emotion

  1. Spread the flashcards on a desk
  2. Call a child to the front
  3. Depict and emotion through your face and ask the child to identify
  4. The child identifies and pics a flashcard from the table
  5. He wins if he pics the correct flashcard

How to use this Emotions Flashcards Set

  1. Download the Flashcards pdf file using the download button
  2. Print it on A4 or US Letter document sized paper
  3. paste it on a cardboard sheet
  4. Cut out individual flashcards
  5. We recommend you to laminate the cards to increase its durability
feelings and emotions flashcards pdf preschool
Emotions Flashcards for Toddlers













We are excited to tell you about our printable adjectives flashcards which are coming soon on our website. Meanwhile, we suggest you to have a look at some more printable flashcards for kindergarten that people are already liking.


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