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Free Alphabet Play Dough Mat Printable Pdf : Capital Letters A and B

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Using the Alphabet Playdough Mats

Print and laminate the mat. Place the letters playdough mats and play dough on a table guide the students to trace the letters  with  playdough.

Kids can either roll the play dough to make “snakes” and place it on the letters on the mat or they can make small ball and use them to trace the letters. The main objective here is to indulge kids in a fun and interesting activity that helps them learn the letters easily while they play with the playdough.

This free alphabet play dough mat printable pdf is colorful you can take a black and white printouts if you do not have color printer.

Supplies you need


A4 sized paper


Write and wipe pocket


Download and Print the mat

Laminate / Put in a write and wipe pocket

Put together the activity by placing the playdough mat and playdough on a table

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