Cursive C Lowercase Writing Practice Sheet

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We have already shared Cursive C in capital worksheet. This is a cursive c lowercase practice sheet. You can just download print and use. Learn to write small c in cursive with this free printable worksheet. We have a huge collection of cursive writing worksheets you can use these to teach your students/kids to  write in cursive.

Cursive handwriting is one of the most beautiful technique of writing in English language. If practiced you can develop a very beautiful cursive handwriting.

How to write cursive letter c in lowercase

It is very easy to write cursive c in lowercase. In 4 lined paper small c in cursive is written between the second and third line. In two lined paper the height of small c should be half of the capital c and it should be written on the lower line. Try to make a perfect curve and the letter should slightly slant forward.

cursive c in lowercase writing practice worksheet
Small C In Cursive Worksheet

You can also try our Capital C in cursive practice sheet. It is free to download for classroom and personal use.


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