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Context Clues Worksheet With Answers | Free Printable Pdf

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Make your child understand the meaning of words which are rather challenging for them. This context clues worksheet with answer key can be used for students of grade 4 and 5. The words difficulty level is medium and children will certainly learn a few new words for which they generally use a whole phrase.

What are Context Clues?

Contexts clues are the hints that can explain the meaning of a word in the sentence.

Example of context clues: Tia was elated to meet her college friend after 2 long decades.

This sentence can also be written as:  Tia was very happy and excited to meet her college friend after 2 long decades.

About This Context Clues worksheet with answer key

This worksheet is basically a multiple choice worksheet. The worksheet also has an answer key. Child will read the sentence and determine the meaning of a challenging word and then tick the correct option. The worksheet can be easily downloaded and used. This worksheet is ideal for grade 4 and 5. You need a black and white printer to print this worksheet.

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