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Christmas Wreath Coloring Page | Free Printable Christmas Wreath Coloring Sheet

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This Christmas Wreath Coloring Sheet is a fun coloring sheet. It is a free printable for kids to color, paint or decorate using different art supplies.

This post is part of our amazing Christmas coloring page collection. We also have winter mittens, snowflakes, Christmas sock, Christmas tree and many more coloring pages.

If you are planning a Christmas activity for kindergarten kids then this Christmas wreath coloring page is what you need. For kids in age group Preschool – UKG you can use this printable Christmas wreath as a coloring page. For Kids in  group grade 1-3 this page can be used for color and decorate Christmas activity.

Children can use different things to decorate the wreath like shredded green paper, green glitter and even small green pompoms.

Free Printable Christmas Wreath Coloring Page Pdf

Christmas wreath coloring page free printable

Christmas Wreath Coloring Page Pdf

How to use this Christmas wreath coloring page as a DIY Christmas décor.

Things you need

  1. A printout of this coloring page
  2. Cardboard
  3. Green yarn cut into tiny bits
  4. Tiny golden balls
  5. Red Satin ribbon
  6. small red pompoms
  7. glue
  8. scissors

How to Make DIY Christmas Wreath Wall Decoration

  1. Print the sheet
  2. Stick it on a card board
  3. Cut out the wreath
  4. With the help of glue color the wreath with the bits of green yarn. This will create a fluffy wreath.
  5. Decorate the wreath with golden balls and red pompoms
  6. Make a bow with red or golden satin ribbon and glue it on the top of the Christmas wreath.
  7. Stick a string at the back for hanging the wreath.
  8. That’s It! Your DIY Christmas Wreath is ready.

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