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A or An Worksheet For UKG Free Pdf : Kindergarten English Grammar

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Are a significant part of English Language thus learning to use articles becomes essential here is our A or An worksheet for ukg that is free to download an use, Practice the use of A and An with our free pdf worksheet. This worksheet is based on indefinite articles i.e A and An.

You can use this worksheet to assess the child’s proficiency in the use of A or An. The answer sheet is also provided with the worksheet.

Use of A : It is use before the nouns that start with the sound of a consonant. Even if the the word begins with a vowel but the first sound is of the consonant, article A will be used.

For eg: Unique costume.  The correct article to use  will be A, even though the first letter is a vowel.

Use of An : This indefinite article is used before any word that starts with a vowel sound.

For eg:An Umbrella.

Worksheet Details:

This is a free printable pdf that can be downloaded instantly.
Teaching English grammar becomes fun with our free resources. This A or An worksheet for UKG is ideal for accessing the child ‘s proficiency on the topic Articles.

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