Hundreds Chart Printable Pdf

A hundreds chart is a great tool to teach number sequencing. It is basically a 10 x 10 grid that has numbers in sequence from 1 to 100.

Each row will have 10 numbers and each hundreds chart will have 10 rows. Here are our free printable hundreds chart for the budding math masters. By using these 100’s chart you can teach basic arithmetic, number sense, number sequence, counting numbers 1-100.

These resources are ideal for Upper Kindergarten and Grades 1 – 4

Basic Hundreds Chart

This is a basic version of hundreds chart. It shows numbers 1-100 in sequence (smallest to largest).

simple hundreds chart printable
Simple Hundreds Chart Printable Pdf

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Hundreds Chart With Missing Numbers

This is a Hundreds Chart with missing numbers. Use it to test your students basic number sequencing skills. Learning numbers 1-100 is fundamental math skill.

printable hundreds chart with missing numbers 1 - 100
Printable Hundreds Chart With Missing Numbers

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Blank Hundreds Chart Free Printable

Use this blank hundreds charts printable to up the game. Unlike the missing numbers hundreds chart this blank hundreds chart can increase the difficulty level.

blank hundreds chart printable

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Hope our collection of free hundreds chart printable pdf are useful for students. You can also try our skip counting worksheets to test your students math skills.

Free Mystery House Hundreds Chart Activity

FREE mystery picture 100’s chart printable. Use the given color codes and color the numbers accordingly. It will be exciting for kids to discover the mystery picture. Fun hundreds chart math activity.

mystery picture hundreds chart
mystery picture 100’s chart

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Hundreds Chart Color By Number – Mystery Girl

This Hundreds chart mystery picture puzzle will help your students practice numbers 1 Р100 in a fun way. Both a numbered 100s chart and a blank one (students will have to write the numbers in before coloring to reveal the picture) are included, along with a larger blank hundreds chart that I like to use to make jigsaw puzzles for students to solve. The answer key is the cover picture.

Mystery Girl Picture Hundreds Chart Color by Number

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