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free printable color worksheet for nursery toddlers

Colors are wonderful and they make the world beautiful. Teaching colors to nursery students and toddlers should be fun for both teacher and students. We have a collection of color worksheets for nursery pdf here. You can download the printable worksheets for free. Kids will love these color activities and enjoy learning about colors.

Teaching colors to toddlers has to be a fun experience for the child. A child must learn the basic topics in an interesting way so that he enjoys the whole process of learning. Teaching colors using different interesting activity sheets and worksheets is very helpful. Activities like color the rainbow, match the colors, pasting cutouts are all very engaging for the kids.

Color Worksheets For Nursery #1 : Color and Paste Activity

In this worksheet the child has to color and paste the colored circles in correct place. The cutting job must be done by an adult.

colors worksheet for nursery pdf
Color Recognition Activity Worksheet Pdf

Learn Colors Video For Toddlers / Preschoolers

Color Worksheets For Nursery # 2: Match The Colors

Matching colors worksheets for Nursery / preschool children. Match the colors to the same color on the other side.

match the colors worksheet for preschool
Match the Color Worksheet Pdf

Color Worksheets For Nursery # 3 : Color the Rainbow Printable Worksheet

Trace and color this beautiful image of a rainbow. Reference colors are given.

color the rainbow printable preschool worksheet
Color The Rainbow Printable Pdf For Preschool

We have included all these color recognition activities in our worksheets. You are free to download these free printable worksheets for personal / classroom use. You may not use the worksheet or a part of worksheet online / offline with commercial interest. Doing so is a violation of the copyright act.

Color Worksheets For Nursery # 1 Download Pdf

Color Worksheets For Nursery # 2 Download Pdf

Color Worksheets For Nursery # 3 Download Pdf

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