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Teaching toddlers is fun given you have some eye catching colorful teaching resources. My Book of Shapes for Toddlers is one such book that can help toddlers learn basic shapes with the help of colorful illustrations.

Why is it important for toddlers to learn shapes ?

Learning shapes in early learning stages is very important as recognizing shapes help toddlers to correlate the various objects that they see around themselves and remember them with the help of their shape and color.

How is My Shapes Book For Toddlers going to help your child?

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My Shapes Book On Amazon

My Shapes Book for toddlers is a colorful early learning book of shapes for toddlers and preschool kids. Teaching shapes to toddlers with this book is fun. Shapes are a part of early learning curriculum and this book is a perfect tool to introduce the little learners and preschoolers with basic shapes. The book contains elaborated illustration of basic shapes and introduction to advanced shapes as well.
The book has plenty of examples, the child should be able to understand how different shapes look like. This will help them in identifying the shapes of various objects they see. This book is indeed one of the best learning tools you can gift to your preschooler.

Circular Wheel, rectangular cot, triangular pizza and several other colorful illustration of objects that toddlers see around them are included in this book

All the basic shapes along with examples in form of illustrations are included in this book. The book also features advanced shapes like Pentagon, Hexagon, Star etc.

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Shape Tracing And Coloring Workbook For Preschool

Give this amazing fun learning experience to your toddler today and help them forming a better foundation in this early learning stage, If you like My Shapes Book for Toddlers please leave your feedback.

You can also team up this book with my Shapes Tracing and Coloring Workbook which is available in paperback form on Amazon. This Shapes book for kindergarten include tracing and coloring pages for 11 shapes. It also features activities like match the shapes and count and write etc.

My Shapes Tracing and Coloring workbook kindergarten

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Shapes Book Printable Pdf Bundle

You can also checkout my Shapes Tracing Worksheets pdf Printable bundle. You can download the bundle and print and use as many times as you want.

This is a set of pdf files with shape tracing worksheets for 9 basic shapes. There are 2 pages for each shape and 2 additional traceable shapes sceneries.

Shape tracing worksheets pdf
Shape Tracing Worksheets PDF Printable Bundle


Preschool Shape Tracing Workbook | Pdf Ebook (Printable Worksheets Packet)

Set of 20 worksheets for tracing shapes practice

This is a wonderful learning resource for the little learners as this workbook is a complete package for practicing drawing shapes. The workbook can be printed and laminated. You can use a marker pen to trace on the shapes and color them. The laminated pages can be wiped and reused several times. This shape tracing workbook will enhance the hand-eye co-ordination of the preschooler and will also improve pencil control. There are sperate sheets for pencil control practice in this workbook.

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Preschool Shape Tracing Workbook PDF
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All these books are perfect and very helpful in teaching basic shapes to toddlers, preschoolers, kindergartners and nursey kids. The pdf and kindle books are available for instant download.

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