Playdough Mats for Numbers 1-20 | Tree Play-Doh Mats Early Math Activity

numbers playdough mats 1-20 printable

Playdough mat activity is an engaging approach used in preschools and kindergartens. This number play dough Mats helps in developing early math skills as children learn number formation and recognition with this activity. The use of play dough gives this activity a fun sensory element that engages children and also improves eye hand co-ordination.

To make the activity more interesting, allow the children to pick play dough colors of their own choice. Our numbers play dough mat is a printable pdf. You need to download and print the mats.

Play dough activity makes the entire learning process more fun. About our Play Dough Number Mats This activity is a digital PDF download. You will need a PDF viewer installed to access this activity. Once you complete the checkout process, you will be able to download the printable. After downloading you can print the mats and laminate them.

Printable Play Dough Mats for Numbers 1-20

My Play Dough Number Mats help in developing early math skills as children learn to recognize numbers and count. This file contains 2 sets of play dough mats, each set has 20 pages.

In total you get 40 pages. set 1 is black and white and set 2 is in color.

Numbers Play dough mats set 1 : number, number name and ten frame. No. of Pages – 20

Number play dough mat set 2: Number, Apple tree and dots. No. of Pages- 20

These numbers 1-20 playdough mats are great for building basic math skills and it also helps in enhancing the fine motor skills.

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