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other words for this shows

Have you been wondering how you could polish your English speaking skills? The answer is by strengthening your vocabulary power. Yes there is always a better and more stylish way to say a word for instance take this sentence: ‘She was very angry’. Another way to say this is, ‘She was furious’. Let us learn different ways to say “this shows”. Sharing with you other words for this ways

List of other words for ‘this shows’

  • this reveals
  • this depicts
  • this proves
  • this displays
  • this portrays
  • this validates
  • this clarifies
  • this illustrates
  • this signifies
  • this suggests
  • this demonstrates
  • this indicates
  • this implies
  • this exposes
  • this evinces
  • this testifies

Other Words for ‘This Shows’ chart 1 pdf

other words for 'this shows'

Other Words for ‘This Shows’ chart 2 pdf

this shows synonyms

You can download these two free printable synonyms of this shows chart and print it. Each chart carries 8 different words that you can for this shows. Using these synonyms can certainly impress your audience.

These different words for this shows can be used in letter writing, in reports, while teaching, in essay writing, in letter writing etc.

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