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standing lines worksheets pdf download straight lines

Just as phonics is important for a child to begin reading, pencil control is important for beginning with writing. Tracing straight lines is the first activity a child is given as he forays into writing. Tracing standing line, sleeping line, slanting line and curved lines are some of the basic exercises that helps the child to start writing. Getting good hold of pencil plays a pivotal role in learning to write and these free printable standing lines worksheets pdf for preschool will help in practicing pencil control.

Our free printable Standing line worksheets basically features dotted vertical straight lines which the child will trace by moving the pencil over the traceable standing lines. The lines are vertical and straight hence they are called standing lines. Tracing standing lines will help the child to develop fine motor skills and learn about straight lines.

Standing line worksheets are ideal for preschool and kindergarten kids to practice pencil control and eye hand co-ordination and at the same time they also get familiar with straight lines. We have a collection of some useful standing line worksheet pdf that is free instant download. We have both black and white and colorful tracing line worksheets that you can download for free and use.

Free Printable Standing Line Worksheets For Preshcool in Pdf

# Basic Standing Line Tracing Practice Sheet

standing lines worksheet pdf
Tracing Standing Lines Worksheet (Vertical Lines)

This is a colorful basic standing line worksheet with dotted straight vertical lines. Child has to trace the standing line starting from top of the line and reaching the bottom.

#2 Grab the Gift Colorful Standing Lines Worksheet For Preschool

standing lines worksheet straight lines
Tracing Straight Lines Worksheet

This is a tracing straight lines worksheet with long and short dotted standing lines. In this worksheet the child has to start tracing the vertical line from right below the airplane and reach the gift that is at the bottom of the standing line. Let your preschooler enjoy tracing standing lines with this colorful and engaging worksheet.

#3 Black and White Standing Lines Dotted Practice Sheet

standing lines worksheet for preschool pdf download
Black and White Dotted Standing Lines Worksheet

This is a simple yet very helpful standing line tracing worksheet. It is a black and white worksheet with identical short standing lines that will help the child improve pencil control and fine motor skills. All you need is a black and white printer and a4 sized paper. All you need to do is download and print and you are ready to use it for your child or students.

Traceable dotted standing lines worksheets pdf download

Download Pdf #1

Download Pdf #2 and #3

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