Hindi Swar e इ Worksheets | Tracing and Coloring Worksheet For Hindi Vowel e

hindi swar इ से इमली worksheet free

Use these Hindi swar इ worksheets to learn the Hindi vowel इ. These tracing and coloring worksheets are free to download and use for personal and classroom purpose.

Color and trace the Hindi vowel इ (Hindi swar e writing worksheet )

hindi swar इ writing dotted worksheet
Hindi Swar इ Worksheet

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This Hindi swar e writing practice worksheet for kids is free to download, print and use for personal, homeshooling and classroom use. E is the third letter of Hindi swarmala. Here are some words that are made using Hindi vowel ‘e’.

इमरती – Imarti – Name of an Indian Sweet
इनाम – Inam – Prize
इधर – Idhar – this way
इसका – Iska – its
इमली – Imli – Tamarind
इकाई – Ikaai – Unit
इलाज – Ilaj – Treatment
इंसान – Insaan – Human Being
इंद्रधनुष – Indradhanush – Rainbow

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