Hindi Swar अ ( A )Coloring and Writing Practice Worksheets Pdf | Kindergarten Hindi

hindi swar worksheets pdf kindergarten

Just like English alphabet Hindi alphabet is also divided in 2 parts Swar and Vyanjan. Vowels in Hindi are called “Swar” (स्वर).  Practice Hindi Vowels with this tracing worksheet.  

Swar A ( अ ) is the first letter of the Hindi varnamala. Learn Hindi swar a with these coloring and tracing worksheets.

Hindi Swar अ A Writing Practice Worksheet Pdf

Trace the letter. Hindi Alphabet Swar Writing ( हिंदी स्वर लेखन)

hindi swar a writing practice worksheet
Hindi Swar writing Worksheet

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Hindi Swar अ ( A )Coloring Sheet Pdf

hindi swar a coloring sheet pdf

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