Days of the Week Hindi Names

days of the week hindi names

Days of the week is a part of early learning curriculum. Mostly children are taught days of the week in their primary stage of education. Names of the days of the week are usually used in English language but the older generation in India, still uses the Hindi names for ‘days of the week’.

Days of the Week In Hindi Calendar

In the modern day Hindi calendar (not referring to the Hindu Calendar). i.e a calendar printed in Hindi Language does have seven days in a week just like the western days of the week.

A week is called or translated as Saptah in Hindi and days as Din / Divas. So days of the week can be referred as “Saptah Ke Din” or “Saptah ke Divas” in Hindi Language. In Hindi, the name of each day of the week is suffixed with a constant word “Vaar” which is translated as turn in Hindi. The names of the days are named after the planets. We have also shared names of the months in Hindi and English, you can check it out.

Hindi Names For Days Of The Week

Days Of The Week सप्ताह के दिन

Sunday रविवार (Ravivaar)

Monday सोमवार (Somvaar)

Tuesday मंगलवार (Mangalvaar)

Wednesday बुधवार (Budhvaar)

Thursday बृहस्पतवार, गुरूवार ( Brihaspatvaar , Guruvaar)

Friday शुक्रवार (Shukravaar)

Saturday शनिवार (Shanivaar)

Hindi Names of Days of the Week

Sunday – Ravivar -Ravi – Sun

Monday – Somvaar – Som or Soma – Moon

Tuesday – Mangalvaar – Mangal – Mars

Wednesday – Budhwaar – Budh – Mercury

Thursday – Brihaspatvaar – Brihaspat – Jupiter

Friday – Shukravaar – Shukra – Venus

Saturday – Shanivar – Shani – Saturn

Days Of The Week Hindi Labels PDF

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Days of the Week Hindi Names Flashcards Printable Pdf – Rainbow Themed

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