Mandala Drawing Essential Tools | Materials Required For Mandala Art

Mandala is an ancient art form that holds significance in Buddhist and Hindu Culture. A mandala is basically a drawing that represents the universe and reflects the mind-frame of the one creating it. Mandala is among those ancient treasures that was long forgotten and is now gaining a new life.

Mandala drawing is very intricate and is created with a lot of precision. It includes floral patterns, geometric patterns and several other elements. Know more about Mandala art here

Material You Require For Mandala Art

To begin with, you do not need any special tool for your mandala drawing. Just a ball point pen or HB pencil and a sheet of paper can get you started with your mandala drawing activity.

When you advance in the art you will certainly feel the need of specific supplies that will help you create beautifully intricate mandala designs.

  1. Drawing Sheets: Buy thick sheets so that you can use felt tip pens, gel pens etc. without transferring the ink to the other side of the sheet.
  2. Pencil: You will need HB pencil to draw your Mandala. Hard Black pencils are standard for drawing as they do not smudge.
  3. A Compass: This is an essential tool if you want your mandala design to be symmetrical. You can first draw circles as guides for your drawing and then start filling them up with the designs and patterns of your choice.
  4. Fine Liner / Thin Marker or Micron Pens: These pens have a fine tip that is perfect for drawing as well as filling your design. Remember whichever pen you use it has to be smudge proof.
  5. Protractor: A protractor helps in making symmetrical designs. You can measure the angles and draw the guides. You can either buy a circle protractor or you can use a printable to print your own.
  6. Ruler: You will also need a ruler to draw perfect lines for your mandala designs.
  7. Eraser: Any basic pencil eraser shall be fine.
  8. A Mandala Template : For beginners these templates are very helpful. As you get more advanced you will be able to create your own templates. A basic template will have circles and spokes. With a Mandala template in hand you do not need to carry your ruler, compass and protractor with you.

Mindfulness and Mandala Art

The most important thing that you need to begin and accomplish a beautiful mandala drawing is a proper mindset. Treat mandala art as a therapy. Based on my personal experience I can say that drawing mandala designs has been relaxing and therapeutic for me. During the time of pandemic imposed lockdown, two things have essentially kept me going. First is my love for cooking and second is my inclination toward art and creativity. I started drawing mandala whenever I got time and to be honest I hardly draw mandala on paper. Being a busy mom of 2 I find LCD writing pad and a chalk slate more handy for satiating the creative being within me.

Freehand Mandala Drawing on LCD Writing Pad

Freehand Mandala design

Mandala Drawing on a Slate (Chalk Board)

Mandala drawing with chalk

Get Your Mandala Drawing Tools

Mandala Template : To begin with you can use this free mandala template. It is a circle design with 8 spokes.

free mandala template pdf
Free Mandala Template For Hand Drawn Mandala Designs With 8 Spokes

Download Pdf

Protractor Circle:

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Mandala Sketch Kit


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